Monday, January 27, 2014

Kevin, Leesa, Yoshi, Molly, and......

So I have never been very good at writing these entries. I think this is the same reason why I have never really kept a journal very well. However I thought I would take some time and share a few things on here. Mostly I just wanted to make an entry about our growing little family. Leesa has made a few different blogs about our family and talked about Yoshi and Molly and our little girl that is on the way. I thought it was my turn to write about each of them. 

First I want to take some time to talk about my wife. Leesa is the strongest person I know. Over the past 5 years that we have known each other this has been proven time and again. Our life has not been the easiest in the short time that we have known each other. Not too long after we got married she suffered the loss of her grandmother, something I will never forget I saw just how strong and independent she could be. Shortly after that we lost our first child Matthew. Again I saw Leesa's strength as she recognized the reason for this loss. It didn't come all at once, but I watched her struggle through her emotions until she understood God's plan for our family a little more. I didn't come to terms with this as fast as she did and as a result I stopped caring about school which forced us to change our future quite drastically. Once again Leesa's strength and love shined through. She never wanted to be a military wife and I didn't ever think I would follow my dad and brother in the service. Then to top it all off I took her half way around the world to a place we had never even talked about going. (I just put it on my list as a filler, guess I learned there.) She didn't believe me at first and then really disliked me after hearing about how much snow they get. 

We decided the military was a good place for us to be since we would have healthcare and would be able to plan for our future family and the needs Leesa would have being high risk. So when we got to Japan we started talking about maybe trying for a baby again. The answer would always come back as wait. So we did and in the mean time we decided to expand our family in another way. 

So we started looking for a dog and Leesa found Yoshi. I had never heard of a Corgi before and when we went to go meet him for the first time I thought he was the funniest looking dog I had ever seen. Short, stout and what big ears you have, not to mention his lack of tail. Leesa didn't judge Yoshi at all and I only saw love in her eyes when we met him for the first time. We were very grateful for the previous owners choosing us to let him be a part of our family he is a great dog and we love him to death.

We started considering maybe a baby again after a while and decided that before we got serious about it we should try to find a friend for Yoshi so he didn't get jealous of a baby, and had someone to rough house with. So we started looking around and heard about a litter that was going to be born. We let the family know we were interested and never heard from them. We figured that we would not be getting one and decided to keep looking. 

The family finally did get back to us and we got Molly.

(She was a puppy when we got her but Leesa already put up puppy pics)

We picked up Molly the same day that the family let us know they still had a couple available. I saw that love in Leesa's eyes once again as she saw all of the puppies running around and we chose Molly to join our family. 

Then we found out we had another addition coming. Leesa was pregnant. We were both excited, scared, overjoyed, you name it. It was a mix of emotions all the way around. We just got a second dog and now had a baby on the way as well. What we were thinking. Then to make matters worse I found out I would be deployed in November. So Leesa was going to be left on her own with 2 dogs and a newborn and no husband. 

She was mad at first I am sure anyone would be in this situation. I was upset as well. I had passed on a deployment because I knew we would be trying to have a child and I wanted to be there. As it got closer to me leaving though her unwavering strength started to appear again. She realized that we probably wouldn't have this child coming or our little family if it weren't for my job. As tough as it was going to be she saw the silver lining. 

Leesa has been on her own with our little family now for about two months. She has been taking care of everything on her own and this just shows her strength once again. She is going to be an amazing mother to our daughter. 

Seeing the love and care and kindness she has had for myself and our dogs I can only imagine the love that will be in her eyes when she holds our daughter for the first time. I am heartbroken that I won't be there for this moment with my family, but I know that there will be many more moments for me to see the love of a mother. Leesa is strong, smart, kind, loving, charitable, sweet, and caring. And I could go on and on. I will forever be grateful to her for raising our children and agreeing to marry me 4 years ago. I can't wait to make it back and see our growing little family again. 

So to finish off this blog and the title. This is our family. 
Kevin, Leesa, Yoshi, Molly, and Brooklynn Elkins

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Baby Girl!

Thank you to all who have expressed excitement for us and this little miracle that WILL be joining our family next year. We are both beyond thrilled and even more so terrified for this next stage in life!

For those of you who may know any sort of background story of the past 4 years, Kevin's remark that I "finally" let him post the picture hopefully did not surprise any of you. If you don't, you can ready Matthew's story here.

It's emotional, it's raw, it's long, and it's messy. But it is also what has got us to this point so I am forever grateful for that little boy and this little girl.

Anyway, back to this little one. On our 3rd anniversary, Kevin had just gotten back from tech school, I had just finished Student Teaching, and we were down in Salt Lake for the weekend before saying our final round of goodbyes and leaving for Japan. He was set on starting a family as soon as we got to Japan. Me, not as ready for that roller coaster again. We were in the Salt Lake Temple and as I'm sitting there, I get the distinct and audible impression of "not yet". It took me awhile to connect the advice to babies. I told Kevin afterward and obviously he was disappointed, but he obliged. Not like he really had much of a say in it at that point anymore.

So we moved 4,500 miles away from anyone and anything we'd ever known. We started working, paying off school, buying nice things, making friends and making a life here. And for several months Kevin sat by patiently until I, after months of constantly praying and asking when was the right time, finally told him that I wasn't getting the "not yet" response anymore so now was as good of time as any. 

End of July: still wasn't pregnant (that we knew of), so we got Molly instead. Well, not instead, but if I had been pregnant, we would have not gotten her. And she is just the cutest thing ever and I'm so glad we have her. 

End of July/beginning of August we found out I was pregnant. Thanks to the magic of Tokyo Disneyland/ Disneysea! Too much? Sorry guys...

Probably around September, Kevin found out that there were 2 different taskings for his shop. One for a 7 month deployment, from late November-late June. The other was for 6 months from early early November-early May. No one knew about the baby yet, but he had to let his supervisors know in hopes of not being sent on one of them. Unfortunately, he was tasked with the 6 month one, but was told they would figure out a way to get a 40 day early release amended to his orders so that he would be here for the birth. 

So it's less than a week before he's supposed to leave, still no orders, still nothing waiting for them when they get there. So they delay it until end of November-June. 

So baby girl will be arriving at least 2 months before daddy will get to meet her unfortunately. It is what it is and I know I'm not the first, nor the last to have a baby without the father present. But it still just pisses me off to say the least. Mostly I'm sad for Kevin though. At least by the time he gets back, he'll have lots of leave, R&R, and paternity leave that he WILL be taking. And I will be taking naps. Lots of naps.

But we knew going into this that it was a very strong possibility to have happen. I just keep telling myself that this baby would not even be on her way if the government wasn't paying for everything anyway :) So maybe they're actually doing some good least for now.

Anyway, dozens of lovenox shots. Check.
More to go? Definitely.
Even more Prenatal pills, Folic Acid supplements (to prevent the chance of spina bifida), and B Vitamin supplements (help curb morning sickness this time around) Check Check Check.
Growth scans at least every 4 weeks? Yep.

But she is measuring exactly on date, yesterday was 24 weeks, 2 days and 1 lb 7 oz. (+/- 3 oz)
Whoo Hoo!
She was only 15 oz 3 weeks ago! Pack on the chub little one!
I on the other hand, thanks to a 3 week trip home, well I'm already up 20 lbs. Awesome. It's worth it though because this little one is healthy as can be, absolutely NOTHING is wrong with any organs, bones, or her size. 

But I refuse to complain about anything to do with pregnancy, at least in a public forum. I think it's tacky and rude, especially when people struggle to 1) get pregnant and/or 2) stay pregnant.
And even more so tacky to complain about it when you are someone that does struggle. Ok, side tangent/rant over. 

Now she just has to stay in there as long as she can to keep cooking. Also, I have absolutely nothing ready for her. So stay put.

Love, Mom <3

Friday, April 5, 2013

Yoshi Bear

Ok, so I know it's been forever since I've blogged. I realized yesterday that I never introduced the newest member of our family, Yoshi!!

We just love him and think he's the greatest thing ever! He's so fun and full of energy. After a long day, sometimes it's a little frustrating that he just wants to play, but it's just too precious to resist. He's a purebred Corgi and he's about 17 months old now. We got him back in the beginning of December. We're already his third owners, so there's been a few struggles because of that, but nothing major. He's so smart. Too smart sometimes.
Just a few minutes ago, I told him that he's very needy and "I hope that's  just a corgi trait." He cocked his head to the side (normal for him-like he's confused) and starting walking towards his treat cupboard. It took me a minute to realize that he heard "trait" as "treat". Of course I just had to give him a treat after that! I'm such a pushover.
Sadly, today while on a walk, I realized his paw was bleeding so we stopped and I checked it out. He wasn't too thrilled about me looking at it. We took him to the vet and the vet said that he had been walking too much recently (about 5ish miles per day this week) and the cement had worn it down. Looking at it closer tonight, it looks more like his nail broke off at an angle. It's pretty sad looking. But it didn't really bother him. Definitely didn't think you could "over walk" a dog. Sorry puppy!
Kevin is his favorite, of course. He goes to Kevin to play. And when he has to go down to go to the bathroom, he barks at me. Awesome. He pretty much barks at any new noise, or any noise out in the hallway, too. But his "potty" bark is different. It's desperate sounding. But he understands "potty" and what it means.
He has some tricks he can perform. Sit, shake, speak, kisses (he'll put his nose up to yours! adorable!), and we're working on lay down. Of course, all rules go out the door once we go to the dog park. Oh he loves the dog park!! As soon as we walk or drive around the corner, he knows exactly where we are and will go the the end of his leash and pretty much choke himself because he can't get there fast enough. He has a girlfriend named Jana. Seriously, it's kind of uncomfortable to watch them play sometimes. Recently there have been quite a few other corgis coming to the dog park. They all love to play with Yoshi and follow him around everywhere. It's so cute. I think they think he's their daddy because he's so big. Seriously, average corgi weight is 25-30 lbs. This dog is 34 lbs. They may not seem like a lot but when he's maybe a foot tall, 4-9 lbs. is a lot.
Corgis are also herding dogs. He always wants us in the same room. He'll go back and forth between us if we're not in the same room. Of course he spends more time wherever Kevin is. At least every few days, while walking through the hallway, we'll feel him nipping at our ankles. Not enough to actually feel teeth, but just enough to know that he's there and we better keep going the direction he wants us too. It's funny, but annoying too. But mostly funny because I don't think he can really help it. It's just in his genes.
Corgis are supposed to be really great with kids. He's great with kids starting at about the year mark. Because they actually look and act like humans at that point and will interact with him without just crying. However, we've babysat for Kevin's coworker a couple of times. They have a 7 month old. Yoshi's not so sure about him. And of course, any sound (knock, bell, ding,etc.) Yoshi has to bark at it and growl. Babies don't really like that. And Yoshi definitely doesn't like that the baby doesn't like it. So it might be a couple rough years whenever we have kids during the infant stage. Once they get to be a toddler, he loves them though. Should be interesting.
So here are some more pictures of our baby! They're pretty blurry since they're all from my phone, but you get the idea.

 This is how I found him sleeping one morning when I went to go let him out.

See, they're each other's favorites. I just can't win.

This is what he did to the fluffy ball on the top of my hat. I was not happy. Then Kevin showed me how similar it looked to the end of his rope. Almost the exact same. I couldn't be mad anymore...

 He was too quiet one morning while I was getting ready. This is how I found him. Awkward, Yoshi.

This is our good friends' youngest. They love each other but sometimes when all 3 kids are over here, Yoshi gets a little overwhelmed. This time, he went to hide and Austin followed him. No where to hide with kids!

He constantly does this. Not sure why. I think he's trying to itch his back.

He loved all the snow that was here! I, however, am glad it's gone finally.

You can't really hear it that well, but a balloon from Valentine's day was in our closet (where all balloons have to stay otherwise he won't go near them) and he just started growling at it. It took us awhile to figure out what he was growling at, but it was definitely the balloon! He's such a baby.

This is what I mean when I say he cocks his head to the side. This was the third time Kevin was making that noise and Yoshi was distracted by the ding when my phone started taking video, but you get the general idea. It's normally a lot more to each side. It's awesome.

And that concludes our ode to Yoshi. I am that crazy lady that doesn't  have kids so she takes pictures and videos of her dog. He's like our child and I am not ashamed to admit it. We LOVE him!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Blogger is frustrating

Ok I just spent the last hour trying to figure out how to log into our blog. I'm not even exaggerating. Somehow my gmail account isn't linked to the blog (which is weird because that's all I've used for the past few years) and the only other email account that would be connected to it would be my hotmail from before I got my gmail account. And of course, I can't figure out how to access my hotmail account because it's been so long and it's all changed and super confusing. 

Side note: I just tried accessing it again through a different link from searching for "hotmail" on google and it let me right in. Well hello there, 855 messages in inbox and 570 in junk folder. But I still can't figure out how to access my part of the blog. Thank goodness Kevin made himself a contributor so I just logged in under his email and voila I got right in. Now I remember why I don't blog. Like ever. So if I ever decide to brave this beast again, I'll just log on from Kevin's email. So much more simple.

Anyway, if you didn't want to read all of that, then here's the reader's digest version of it. Blogger sucks and I want the last hour of my life back. 

Also anyway, the original point of this was to do an update. We are officially living in Japan! Well, we've been here for 7 weeks technically. Kevin jumped right into work of course and is already on a TDY (temporary duty). I just looked up what that stood for for the first time actually. I assumed it was temporary duty but some replies said it stands for temporary duty yonder. It doesn't. I laughed. You can too. He's been in Okinawa since the 5th and will get back on Thursday the 15th. So not too long, but still.

We were supposed to get our unaccompanied baggage shortly after arriving here which is is basically just a small amount of our stuff that they send on a plane so that you can have some of your own stuff here as soon as possible. Of course it didn't get here for a month and then the rest of our stuff came just a couple days after that. Thanks, military. But we finally have all our stuff and it's all unpacked. The living room/dining room area is still a little cluttered. Basically Kevin's stuff is on the dining room table and I don't know what he wants done with it so it will stay that way until after he gets home. Then I'll try and post pictures of our apartment. We live in a 3 bedroom which I thought would be way too much room. However, since there's no garage, it really doesn't seem that big anymore. Especially once we get more furniture. I call the rooms "baby's room" (no, that's not an announcement) and spare bedroom. I want to eventually get a bed to put in the spare bedroom so that will take up space in there.

I started working as a kindergarten aide and it's so much fun. However, every day I am made more aware of the fact that I chose the right age group to get a degree in. They're fun but they are a handful. Eventually I'll get it down. It's just a matter of finding that middle ground of how mean/how nice to be so that you won't be taken advantage of, but still kind. You don't really have to worry about that as much with secondary education. 
This is a picture of where I work. This is the main building, though, and I work off in the kindergarten building which is more to the right than this picture shows.

We've been to church every week so that's helped get us involved more. The first week, a family invited us over to dinner. The husband's name is also Kevin so that gets confusing but the real kicker is they both have the same middle name of Wayne. Apparently it was quite a common name.

Other than that, there's not much more to talk about. Thanksgiving is next week and it will be my first time ever cooking a turkey by myself and I'm terrified. I'm halfway debating whether to just go to the dinner they have here. Stinkin expensive though. And I suppose I better learn sometime. Better now that I make the 2 of us sick rather than when we have kids too.

I'll try and be better about keeping up on this. I'll MAKE myself post pictures of the times that we have gone out into the community so far. Pretty cool experiences here.

One more thing since I was just reminded. The City of Misawa plays music every hour, on the hour, from noon (right now) until 8 pm I believe. It's fun and they play it through the "giant voice". I love that name. Basically it's just their emergency response system. Every once in a while something is Japanese will be said over it and of course we have no idea what it means, but I figure if it's important, they'll say it in English too.

So just know that were are here, safe, and adjusting.
Love you all.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Finally a post

Prepare yourselves…this is a long one.
After the constant nagging of my mother, I decided to get caught up on our blog. Yes, I realize it’s been 3 months. And let me tell you, it has probably been the most eventful 3 months since we were married. Although it has dragged on for sure. I'm ready for the next 3 months to be over already.
I’ll try and make it short and sweet and a condensed version of what could be a novel I’m sure. No promises though. Feel free to break it up into 2...or 3 readings.

Finished student teaching!! I completed it at kevin’s old high school with a GREAT teacher! I’ve heard so many horror stories about people’s cooperating teachers being absolute nightmares and I am so grateful that I got along so well with mine. College is officially behind me. Until possibly a masters eventually.
And I finished with a 3.598 (I round to 3.6!) GPA. Not too shabby for being married and working ffor 3 or the 5 years. I don’t care what anybody says, your grades DO NOT improve a ton after you’re married! That first semester after earned me my worst grades ever! Of course, it was the first time I ever worked in college, too. That was probably the real reason.
Received my diploma

And teaching certificate

Went to Utah a weekend for jessica’s reception/nicole’s baby shower
And then again after student teaching was done to pick up my dad at the airport, go to kelli’s concert and then dad and I drove home to Washington.
I spent a month doing nothing except hanging out with the cutest boy ever. Seriously he’s my little toy. And such a ladies man ;)

Kevin finished basic training in San Antonio, so I went down there for a visit the first weekend in may.

$1000 later, it was a very fun-filled, fantastic weekend. We even checked off Texas on our list of states to eat pizza in! (Every new state we’re in/visit we make sure we eat pizza there.) So far we have Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, Idaho, Utah, Florida, and I’m pretty sure we got Wyoming while we were there. I’m not sure if we got Nevada. Guess we’ll just have to go back! The place we went was even featured on "Man vs. Food". It was so good! We even got a picture with Big Lou Jr.! Even if he didn't smile...

After a month of having nothing to do, I started subbing as a paraeducator. Way more chill than sub teaching and I happen to really enjoy it a lot.
School year ended so I’ve had a couple of days of having nothing to do again and I have no idea how I went a month with nothing to do. I am already completely bored out of my mind. Shout out to anyone who knows of jobs for the summer!

Graduated from basic in May (barely missing honor grad-top 10% of graduates) and then went to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Aka Fort Lost-in-The-Woods, Misery.

We thought he would be there until the end of July, but he called after the first day of classes and told me that he won’t be done until August 27th. Cool. Apparently, the last month of school is what’s called “Uniques” and each branch splits up and does training that is unique to that branch. Right now he’s with Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy I think as well.

Of course he’s doing well and getting high 90s on all of his tests. Such a smarty pants. He’s hoping to get “distinguished grad” which is the top graduate from each class. So we’ll see if that happens.
He’s made some great friends and from what I can tell is really enjoying it. Only 63 more days until he’s done! Whoo hoo! 9 weeks!
He might need to be there longer, however. He got a paper telling him he needs to go to the dentist and get clearance before we get stationed. I’m pretty sure it’s because he still has his wisdom teeth. Yes, 25 years old and still has them. I’m hoping they will clear him and he won’t need to get them out and he’s stuck there for a week longer. We’ll find out shortly though.
He’s had a sore throat for about a week so he went to the doctor today and they said they’re pretty sure he’s developed allergies. He was pretty upset about it. I have a hard time having TOO much sympathy for him since I’ve had allergies since I can remember. Our kids are screwed in the genes department.
He’s also been to the doctor before while there for a sore ankle that just wouldn’t go away. Since they run about 3 miles 3x per week, it was really starting to bother him. He was told he has tendinitis in his ankle. I, for one, had never heard of that but apparently he has it. But then his roommate went because he had a sore knee and it was pretty bad and the doctor told him he has tendinitis too. So I’m not quite sure whether either one of them really does.

The biggest news as of lately is that a few weeks ago, Kevin called me and told me that he got his assignment  papers that states where you’ll be going, and you sign the bottom of them saying that you’ll go. They said MISAWA JAPAN!!

I about died. I didn’t believe him for quite some time. We hadn’t even talked about Asia until he told me he put Japan on his “dream sheet”. Of course we get sent there. OF COURSE!!! I’m very slowly coming over to the excited part of being terrified. I would have much rather gone to Europe, but I guess it’s not much different either way. Don't really have a choice of whether we go or not, so here's to Japan!
That’s about it as far as an update goes. I didn't really keep my promise of keeping it short and sweet and if you’re still reading this, kudos. I probably wouldn't be still. I tried really hard to make it entertaining with pictures and such.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lately 2

Day 5
So I went running today. Well running/walking. I went around in the neighborhood where the Nii’s and Deru’s live. I’m pretty sure Scott yelled hi to me. That’s who it looked like at least. Does he live in that neighborhood or related to someone that does? Maybe it wasn’t even him. My eyes are getting worse L so it’s a strong possibility. Anyway, I went through that neighborhood and then over to the high school and then back. I was gone for about 35 minutes. So not too long, but a good amount.
Then I went and picked up the pictures that should have come in yesterday’s letter. As I was driving to wal-mart, there was the type of puppy that we want on the side of the road and he/she/it was just a little thing and it didn’t look like it had a collar. Oh man, I was so tempted to just go pick it up and tell your mom to deal with it. It was absolutely adorable. But on the way back, it wasn’t there anymore. I was pretty bummed.
Oh and on the way back from my run, I heard a woodpecker. He was super high up on a phone line and was just pecking away. It was so nice outside again today. It got up to 60 or 61 I think and way sunny. Not like down there according to the weather app on my phone.
I made dinner tonight and had to go to wal-mart again for some chicken and parmesan cheese. I knew this morning that I needed to get some more hair ties and forgot on the first trip so I was going to get them on the second trip, and of course forgot them again. So I took two trips to wal-mart and no hair ties. Awesome. Anyway, I made chicken fettuccini broccoli alfredo. So good!! Who knew you could make alfredo sauce with parmesan cheese, cream of mushroom soup and some milk?! Well, you can! It was so good. Definitely one to make in the future. You’d really like it.

Day 6
I forgot to tell you in yesterday’s letter that “Being Elmo” was on Netflix so I watched it. It was so good! We’ll have to watch it when you get back. I think you’ll like it. Also, we all watched Hugo on Friday night. Well, your family started it and by the time that I got finished with your letter, it was about ½ way over, so I didn’t really understand what was going on in it so I just laid on the ground and slept.
I started watching a show on Netflix called “Accidentally on Purpose”. It’s about a woman who has a one-night-stand with a guy that’s 15 years younger than her (37 and 22) and she gets pregnant from it. It’s a pretty funny show and I find myself laughing out loud at some parts. I only watched a few episodes but I think it’s one I’ll keep watching.

Day 7
Not really much went on today. I went to school (only teaching 2 classes instead of 3!) Then I went to the gym. Funny thing-it’s Monday, so we get out an hour early because of meetings and I completely forgot that it was we were done an hour early so about 20 minutes after school was out, I went ahead and told Tammy that I was leaving. She seemed confused, which I didn’t really understand, but as soon as I got out to the parking lot, k realized that I was leaving an hour early. Oopsies! I text her and apologized, but I wasn’t about to go back in. I figured I was already gone so there wasn’t really anything else for me to do. I thought it was funny. Such a blonde moment. Anyway, I went to the gym. I was so tired by the end of it. It wore me out for sure. I had to work off the row of brownie that I ate last night L
As far as the rest of the day, we had grilled cheese for dinner and I watched the bachelor. It was the final episode tonight and he picked the skanky model that didn’t get along with any of the other girls. She is just a horrible person, seriously. Supposedly the broke up about a month ago but got back together during the after the final rose episode. I don’t think it will last. Listen to me and my drama. Sheesh. I need to not watch these shows anymore. I finished the first season of Accidentally on Purpose. I think it is just that one season so I’m a little disappointed that there’s no more but oh well. Yes, I watched 18 episodes in 3 days.  Pathetic, I know. As I was flipping through show tonight, I saw How I met your mother. Let me just tell you, it was so hard to turn away from it. But I was strong and changed the channel. We’ll just get caught up when you get home.

Day 8
I hope you’re doing well! I had a pretty good day. Gail observed me and then Tammy did later in the day. They both went really well and I’m glad my observations are done. 11 more lessons!! So close! I also had my last meeting down in Pocatello and we went to Perkins and Gail bought us a piece of pie. Then I came home and there were tarts. I only ate 3 tiny ones though so I’m still on the wagon I think. I didn’t go to the gym today because of my meeting, though. Even though I can easily still go tonight-I just don’t want to. Simple as that.
I’ve decided that I have to get down to 140 before I can get pregnant. And I’m sure you probably just thought “yeah right” or “we’ll never have kids” but I’m determined
So that’s my reward for losing weight-getting to have a baby. I think it’s pretty fair.

So there'a huge amount of information (which doesn't even come close to the amount that I've actually written Kevin over the past week) but if you made it through all that kudos to you. 
Mostly this was for my mom since she's pretty much the only one who even ready this (and usually Jill, too.)
So there you go Madre, a blog update. I'll try and be more timely with the future ones.


So I figured since I do have quite a bit more time on my hands recently (the end of student teaching really is a breeze) I should probably update at least a little bit. Kevin is gone at Basic Training for the Air Force at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX and will hopefully be done the first weekend in May (50 more days!) Then he will leave to go to technical school, where he will learn how to do his job. That will take place at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri from right after Graduation until the 3rd week in July. Unfortunately, he will be done for both of our birthdays (his is next Tuesday and mine in in July) but he will be back for our 3rd anniversary. I'm already more than ready for him to be back. I've always done ok with just being on my own, but i've just gotten really bored recently without my best friend and go-to guy. It's going to be an intersting 4.5 months to say the least. 
Anyway, I figured since I've written him every day since he's been gone (8) I can at least find some time to  even just copy and paste parts of the letters that I write to him on here. Most of the stuff was really only directed at him, though, so I'll spare you all the details. So here it goes...

Day 1

We went over our work samples in our meeting today. (I have a meeting every Tuesday in Pocatello for student teaching) I have to write a final reflection and erase the students’ names from anything with a  grade on it but other than that he said it was good so I’m glad. My review is next Friday (16th) at 4 PM so I will have to leave right after I’m done teaching 4th hour. No big deal though. I only have 13 more days and then I’m officially done! How crazy is that!?! I love it!

Day 2
Today was a good day. School was a little boring but only 12 more days!! Woo hoo!! So close! The students in my nutrition/foods class all did really well on their test so that’s always a nice boost of confidence. Tomorrow I’m teaching about self-esteem in teen living. The lesson I have is really good. I got it from Tammy who got it from someone else and it’s a really good one so I’m pretty excited to teach it.
After school I went to the gym. Yay! I was only there for a little over a half hour. I wanted to stay longer but I needed to go to wal-mart to get envelopes and stamps so that I could mail you letters. I should just get a print out of your address so that I don’t have to write it out every time. But who knows. Anyway, I ran/walked a mile on the treadmill (almost as much running as walking) and I wasn’t even really winded after I was done. Hopefully I can make it more of a habit. I got to the gym at about 3:55 and there was absolutely no one there. I was all by myself for about 10-15 minutes. It was weird but I really liked it too. I also did some lunges, sit-ups, jumping jacks and like 20 seconds on the stair master. I wasn’t really feeling it today. But that’s ok. I’m going to try to stay longer tomorrow since I won’t have to go to wal-mart. I really wish the gym had a weight machine for resistance for thighs. I really liked using it up in Rexburg. Instead I just kind of straddled one of the exercise balls and clinched my thighs around it. It was pretty awkward, not gonna lie. Just imagine that. I was really glad no one was upstairs with me yet.
On another note, I think I jammed my right middle finger today. Or maybe last night. It doesn’t really hurt to move it, it just looks a little fatter than the one on my left hand and it hurts to bend it and press against it. I can type just fine and can move it around so I’m not too concerned I just think it got jammed or something somehow.
I talked to my mom for about 45 minutes tonight. Nothing really in particular-just whatever came up in the conversation. That’s about it as far as today went. Really good day, all things considered. I hope you’re doing well and that the yelling isn’t getting to you too much and that you’re remembering to call people “Sir” now J

Day 3
I forgot to tell you yesterday that I got the car washed. I knew it would take a while because when I got in line there were at least 5 cars in front of me. So I thought, ½ hour tops waiting. Yeah, the $7 car washes took like 10 minutes each! Some people got those (I’m assuming because they were longer than others) and others got the $5 one but I was still waiting in line for at least 45 minutes if not more. And as I’m sitting in line, I watch everyone pay for their car wash and everyone is paying in cash. I had a mini heart attack. I was going to be so mad if I waited 45 minutes and then I have no cash to pay for the wash with. Luckily it did take card so I was pretty relieved. But Mallory looks so good! She’s very happy to finally be clean.

Day 4
Today was absolutely gorgeous outside! 55 degrees and so sunny! It’s supposed to be like that all weekend too. Too bad it’s 45 and rainy in San Antonio L shouldn’t that be the other way around? But I’m not complaining! And at least it’s not too hot down there so you’re hopefully not too miserable.
I went ahead and bought my plane tickets for my trip. I figured that even if I need to change it for whatever reason, I just have to pay the difference of the 2 tickets.
Tomorrow is Dillan’s birthday party. I wish we could be there. Thomas and I face timed today when he went and picked Dillan up at my parents. He is so big now. It is precious. He’s the fastest crawler I’ve ever seen. It’s so funny. He’ll stand up with no problem, plop down to crawl 4 feet and then stand right back up like it’s nothing. He doesn’t really recognize me I don’t think. He just wants whatever phone he sees. His cheeks are still as chubby as ever. It’s adorable.
Today was my last day teaching Parenting/Child development. It will definitely be weird to have so much more time to prep lessons. Only 2 more classes and 10 more days! So crazy. It really did go by fast, but it took forever at the same time.
My finger (the one that was jammed) is starting to loosen up a bit. It’s about time. I mean it’s only been 4 days and I have no idea what even caused it. I’ve tried stretching it out and it seems to be helping but it still hurts when I press against it but hopefully soon it will be back to normal.

If you finished reading this whole thing, you're a champ. And if you read the other one of day 5-8, you're a national champ.